AmbiCare medverkar i Draknästet

AmbiCare participates in the Dragon's Den

Tonight, the season's second episode of Dragons' Den is shown - and we're in!!
Wow, our innovation is being showcased on prime time TV!

The dragons try QuietFrame's visual noise cancelling® glasses and we get to tell them about the uniqueness of our product.

The uniqueness as in:

- QuietFrames® relieve the brain - in a time where we are taxing our brains like never before.

- Quietframes® increase the ability to focus, productivity and well-being in workplaces.
Simply put, Quietframes® provide better peace of mind.

- Quietframes® facilitate and make it more attractive for employees to return to the office - although we actually didn't know that at the time when the recording was made. We have had to go and keep our participation a secret from everyone who knows us!

But also that Quietframes® can make a huge difference for people who are sensitive to impressions.

We are so grateful and happy for all the feedback we get from our customers and users now that we have finally launched the product ❤️


👉 SVT Sept 15 at 8 p.m. or on SVT play

See you!
Thorunn & Mia





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