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QuietFrames® Red Dot Award Winner 2023: Product Design

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Visual noise cancelling® glasses with blue light filter

For inner peace or increased performance. You decide.

QuietFrames® is a Swedish innovation for visual noise cancelling®.

Did you know that up to 80% of all the impressions your brain processes during a day come from your eyes?
Imagine how much relief your brain could get if you reduce all unnecessary visual impressions.

Or how much your ability to focus could increase if you are sitting in an open office environment and could choose when and if you want to be aware of colleagues passing by, digital meetings going on and corridor chatter.

That's exactly what QuietFrames® is for.


Erbjudandet gäller tom 30 sept. Koden anges i kassan.

"I just put them on and it works"

Gloria Kraus, CEO of Hollbium and Little Snooze on what she likes so much about QuietFrames®.

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  • Brusreducerande glasögon som gör det enklare att fokusera i öppna kontorsmiljöer.

    Greater comfort at work and increased focus

    With QuietFrames®, you can create your own "bubble" in the middle of a lively and distracting office environment.

    While you send a signal to your brain to focus on the task at hand, your colleagues see that you do not want to be disturbed. You avoid unnecessary stand-by time and get more done!

    Quietframes® can be customized to your required visual correction - so you can combine computer glasses and focus aid!

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  • Fokusverktyg med blåljusreducerande komfortfilter för dig som sitter mycket framför datorn.

    Blue light reducing

    We only use the high quality lenses. A blue light-reducing comfort filter is included as standard whether you need vision correction or not, but it can be opted out. Anti-reflective treatment and scratch protection are also included. All lenses are cut and processed in Sweden.

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  • Brusreducerande glasögon som minskar onödiga synintryck och avlastar hjärnan

    Relief for the brain

    QuietFrames® reduces unnecessary visual impressions. That means less strain on the brain and wearing them can make you less tired.

    Are you sensitive to strong lighting? QuietFrames® are shielded at the top. It creates a calm and can reduce discomfort from strong led lighting in an office environment.

    Users testify to reduced headaches when using QuietFrames®.

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"They signal to the brain that it's time to focus"

"A tester's diary", from author Frida Spikdotter Nilsson about her first experience with QuietFrames®.

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  • Logotyp The Red Dot Award

    🎉 Winner 🎉

    QuietFrames® has been awarded the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2023.

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  • Person som bär QuietFrames brusreducerande glasögon.

    Innovation in the workplace

    Many people have difficulties to focus in open office environments and choose to sit at home when they need to work undisturbed. With QuietFrames® you can create your own space regardless of where you are.

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  • Bild på Mia och Thorunn, grundare av Ambicare när de medverkar i Draknästet på SVT.

    AmbiCare participates in the Dragons Den.

    Shortly after QuietFrames® was launched, episode 2 of Dragons Den season 2 aired, featuring founders Thorunn Widö and Mia Skoog. Available on Svt Play.

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