Increased work calmness and focus

Noise cancelling glasses give employees the opportunity to work undisturbed whenever they want - regardless of where they are. They make it easier to get into "focus mode", and at the same time signal to colleagues that you don't want to be disturbed.

Visual noise cancelling® contributes to increased productivity, reduced stress and a better working environment.

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"Perhaps the market's smallest and most flexible office screen"

  • Demo at the workplace

    How does it actually work? What would our employees think? To answer that, we will be happy to come out to your workplace and show you. We have different plans that can include a short lecture or demo at the reception, or a 2-week evaluation among selected employees. Contact for more information.

  • Terminal glasses

    QuietFrames can be customized just as any other ordinary glasses. The employee performs an eye examination at an optician of their choice, after which we take over and deliver a pair of QuietFrames according to the prescription.

  • Work adjustment

    If an employee has a reduced ability to perform their usual work, the employer must adapt the work environment in such a way that they can continue working or return to work.

    QuietFrames can be part of a workplace adaptation, for example as an aid when returning to work after exhaustion.

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Both terminal glasses and focus tools

QuietFrames are excellent for sharpening and can be advantageously used as a pair of terminal glasses. Talk to your employer about what applies in your workplace.

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