QuietFrames hjälper Niclas som har ADD att fokusera

QuietFrames® help Niclas, who has ADHD, to focus

The idea for QuietFrames®® came from exhaustion. A brain that needed to be relieved and an intense but fruitless search for aids began. This led to new knowledge that up to 80% of all impressions the brain processes during a day come from vision! Noise-cancelling headphones weren't enough, and a cap and hoodie weren't a suitable outfit for the office.

From there the step was not far to workplaces and open office environments. QuietFrames® as a prevention tool. Just as an ergonomic office chair works well for your back or an ergonomic keyboard can provide relief for your neck and shoulders, QuietFrames® work as an ergonomic aid for your brain.

However, the next step was not obvious from the start. QuietFrames® as an aid for people with ADHD or ADD. But as we received feedback from users, we realised that it was something we had to address. Thanks to many amazing people who helped us test, research and evaluate, we learnt a lot. One of them is Niclas, who runs the blog "All thoughts at once".
He talks about what it is like to live with ADHD/ADD in an everyday and personal way.

In the interview Niclas talks about how he experiences QuietFrames® and how they help him increase his focus.

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